Amplespot creates membership seamlessly.

Create online membership effortlessly

Amplespot Members enables creating new and reactivating existing memberships by making it easy and instantly rewarding to sign-up.


Bring it where they won't lose it.

Amplespot Members lets you create coupons and loyalty cards that can be added to Apple Wallet and Google Pay Pass. Add geo-tagging and the loyalty card will pop in every time customer is passing by your venue.


Employ every touchpoint to create membership

Amplespot Members enable using digital signage, ads, receipts and more to initiate the membership.


Stay compliant while improving the effective reach of your campaigns.

New data protection laws in the EU and around the world means that customers must know and give consent when their data is collected and stay in control of how it is stored and used.

Amplespot enables businesses to stay compliant while creating a personal connection with every customer and keeping them engaged by reaching out through a relevant communication at the right time and place.


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