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Consumer engagement through WiFi is a rapidly growing asset for many businesses. There no simply no better technology that businesses can use to digitally engage with visitors of their brick-and-mortar stores and other venues. We will help you turn this trend into your revenue.

Amplespot Partner Program to provides our partners with a product that delights their customers and offers high ROI for both parties.


Lets grow together.

If you are looking to expand your business portfolio, up-sell existing customers or draw in new ones, then look no further. We value the relationships we build with our partners and are invested in making sure they generate profitable results.

As Amplespot Partner you will receive comprehensive training and marketing and support package as well as access to discount structure which is designed to help you start.


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As an Amplespot Partner you will be able to procure our platform at discounted rate. We will work with you to create your own pricing plans which will relate to price levels in your region.

You are free to use our billing system to charge your customers or you can pay us for the resources you use and charge your customers on your own.


Who we work with.

Amplespot firmware runs on a variety of Access Points and transforms them into intelligent devices controlled from the cloud. Hardware from different vendors can be mixed in a cloud-managed, distributed WiFi network.

Already use hardware from one of the enterprise providers? Amplespot can work with most of these vendors via a simple setup.

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