Customer communication redefined

Conversation-driven marketing communication platform that enables businesses to talk to their offline customers online.

Amplespot’s two products work together to help you onboard, keep and convert more customers


Cloud based WiFi management platform that enables deploying business and guest WiFi at scale with low upfront cost. Compatible with over 1,200 devices, it also seamlessly integrates with all major vendors such as Aruba, Cisco, Ruckus and others enabling easy rollout to both greenfield and over pre-existing infrastructure.

Customer Messaging

Building flows that send right messages to the right customers at the right time simply and at scale. And because, in addition to online, Amplespot WiFi provides the digital view of how customers interact with the brand in physical spaces, every message is sent in exactly right context for minimum distraction and maximum impact.

Organically onboard in-venue customers to your online communication channels

Get customers to sign up to your online communication channels in exchange for instant access to exclusive content and offers.

Collect customer profiles up to 5x faster with Amplespot.


Reach customers on platforms they know and love with our multi-channel messaging






Send personal and broadcast messages, engage in 2-way conversations, provide support, share information, and better understand your customers.

Send targeted messages to the right customers at the right time

Encourage customers to take action with targeted messages via the channels they already use - triggered by location, time and behaviour.

Customers who are contacted via Amplespot visit 65% more often than those who don’t.


Measure the performance of your marketing communication both online and offline

Understand how leads and customers respond to the campaigns by tracking their resulting web sessions, venue visits, and purchases.

For example, you can track which ones of the leads and customers who saw the Instagram ad made it back to selected venues on following weekend.


It all starts with WiFi

Amplespot enables businesses to use their guest WiFi as customer onboarding, communication, content and marketing ROI tracking tool.

62% percent of businesses reported that the customers spend more time in their facility if WiFi access is offered. Around 50% of customers spend more money as well.


Key features

360° Onboarding: Amplespot-enabled guest WiFi signs up customers to online communication channels in exchange for instant access to exclusive content. Online customers can be onboarded via embeddable web code and assisted messenger channels.

360° Tracking: Customer journeys are tracked via WiFi in physical locations and via embeddable code in-app and online. Purchases are attributed via loyalty, coupons and EPOS integrations.

360° Engagement: Amplespot enables personal communication with the right customers at the right time via media channels they already use - email, in-app, SMS, social media, and messengers.

How to start

All you need to start using Amplespot is our free online account and one or more compatible devices such as WiFi router or access point. Our cloud-based service delivers a complete solution for both guest and private WiFi and can also be integrated with an existing WiFi system from most of the corporate vendors. Check which vendors are supported.

If you don’t have a compatible device or need other help getting started - talk to our team. We will either help directly or, if we are not present in your location yet, will put you in touch with our local Certified Partner who will guide you along the way.

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