Integrated digital spaces for city, transit and retail.

Amplespot products create connected spaces that are ready for 5G, AR/MR & IoT.

Our products work together to enable digital spaces that excite customers and create new revenue for the business.


Amplespot Wireless is a WiFi-as-a-Service product. Built for operators and enterprise, it is designed from the ground up to enable unattended operation of Wi-Fi networks that support operator, enterprise, guest, IoT and 5G access - securely and scale. Compatible with equipment from a range of OEMs, Wireless can be deployed in both fixed and mobility environments. In addition to OEMs, Amplespot cloud controller can be integrated with a range of WiFi systems from third-party vendors to create a unified service.


Amplespot Screens is a digital signage solution that enables running highly targeted experiences on screens of any size. It uses real-time data from motion sensors, cameras, wireless, mobile networks, and other sources to run content that is most relevant to traffic nearby. Screens support video playout of any format and up to 4K 120FPS as well as browser-based interactive applications.


Amplespot Vision is a video analytics application that works over camera systems to determine demographics, flows, counts and other properties of traffic in controlled areas. Machine learning algorithms in Vision can predict footfall and employ this data to change venue appearance, run targeted content or send targeted online marketing campaigns.


Amplespot Messenger is an email, sms, and app-push sending application that enables sharing right messages with the right customers at the right time, simply and at scale. And because Amplespot provides a digital view of how customers interact with your brand in the physical world, every message is always sent in the right context – for a minimum distraction and a maximum impact.


Amplespot Members is an onboarding and loyalty solution that enables creating new and reactivating existing membership via QR, Wi-Fi and online signups - by sending instantly redeemable coupons and loyalty cards that are geo-tagged & integrated with Apple Wallet and Google Pay Pass.


Amplespot Connect is a Business Intelligence platform that brings information collected by our products and your data together. Built around customer profiles, it connects data from Vision, Screens, Wireless and Messenger in real-time enabling you to adopt a truly integrated approach to in- and out- of store marketing communications.

Open-architecture platform.

We are focused on making it easy to connect Amplespot with your existing data processing, communications, sales, marketing and support stack.

Amplespot API and integrations provide real-time and historical visibility to every action and event that occurs across your assets making it easy to create marketing automation, feed data into CRM, EPOS, management, security, and other systems.

In addition, Amplespot Connect integrates with Amazon QuickSight for both in- and outbound data flows making it easy to connect your data.

You can also synchronize data from your other apps and sources with Amplespot to further enhance the quality of customer engagements when they are managed via Amplespot Dashboard.

Foundation for in-store self-service.

Amplespot API provides real-time data flows that can be employed to build context-aware self-service applications that customers can use in- and out- of store. This may be self-ordering, stock checking, personalized product suggestions, offers and more.

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