Customer communication redefined

Modern Messaging and WiFi-as-a-service platform that enables businesses to identify, convert and keep more customers.

Amplespot enables businesses to onboard and target customers across online and offline

with the right messages

at the right time

in every environment


Our two products work together to help you identify, convert and keep more customers

WiFi-as-a-Service and service over WiFi

Amplespot’s cloud-based platform enables us to offer great business and guest WiFi as service at very low initial cost. And because we also integrate with vendors such as Aruba, Cisco, Ruckus and more - if your business already has WiFi, there will be no new equipment to install.


Building flows that send right messages to the right customers at the right time simply and at scale. And because, in addition to online, Amplespot WiFi provides the digital view of how customers interact with business in physical space, every message is always sent in the right context – for minimum distraction and maximum impact.

How to start

All you need to start using Amplespot is our free online account and one or more compatible devices such as WiFi router or access point. Our cloud-based service delivers a complete solution for both guest and private WiFi and can also be integrated with an existing WiFi system from most of the corporate vendors. Check out deployment options.

If you don’t have compatible WiFi equipment or need other help getting started - get in touch with our team. We will either help directly or, if we are not present in your location yet, will put you in touch with our local Certified Partner who will guide you along the way.