Customer Communication Solved

Amplespot is a communication platform that provides a new and better way to connect, engage and keep more customers.

Amplespot enables businesses to engage with customers 360°

with the right messages

at the right time

in every environment


Our three products work together to help businesses to connect & engage with in-venue customers offline, in-app and online.

Software Defined WiFi

Amplespot WiFi is a cross-vendor management platform that enables businesses to connect existing and new WiFi solutions into a single service that is seamless for customers to onboard and use.

Digital Spaces

Amplespot Digital Spaces is a set customer engagement and data gathering tools that work over WiFi and other sensors to greatly increase offline-to-online conversions and provide information that can drive experiences in-venue, in-app, or via email, sms, messengers and social media.


Amplespot Messenger turns data into action by sending right messages to the right customers at the right time simply and at scale. And because Amplespot provides a digital view of how customers interact with your brand in the physical world, every message is always sent in the right context – for a minimum distraction and a maximum impact.

Open-architecture platform.

We are focused on making it easy to connect Amplespot with your existing data processing, communications, sales, marketing and support stack.

Amplespot API and integrations provide real-time and historical visibility to every action and event that occurs across your assets enabling to create marketing automation, feed data into CRM, EPOS, HR, management, security, and other systems.

You can also synchronize data from your other apps and sources to Amplespot and further enhancing the quality of customer engagements when they are managed from Amplespot Dashboard.

Foundation for in-venue self-service.

Amplespot API provides the information that can be employed as part of the foundation to build context-aware self-service sites and applications that customers can use in- and out- of your venues. This may include self-ordering, stock check, personalized feeds, offers and more.

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