Amplespot Vision is a video analytics application that works over CCTV and other sensors to determine counts, demographics and other properties of your footfall.

How it works

Amplespot Vison uses face and posture recognition to identify visitors as soon as they enter your locations.

This enables serving targeted promotions, improve checkout experience segment visitors by gender, age, ethnicity, and emotion patterns.



Amplespot Vision employs best available technology to determine properties of your footfall and make this data available for digital signage, in-store promotions, online marketing communication and more - all in real-time.



Machine learning algorithms in Vision will learn to predict what traffic you will get next, and pre-emptively apply changes to your properties.

Vision lets you see the future and act on it!



Amplespot Vision works by pre-processing video footage on-premises (and in-camera where possible), encrypting the results for transfer and then using best available algorithms to get most out of the collected data.

Vision can also be set up to keep all personal information about your traffic at the location where it was collected and to safely destroy this data as soon as it is no longer needed.


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